Aranea Serket is not a Nightfall original character.
For more information on this character, see the page on the MS Paint Adventures wiki here.

Aranea Serket is a minor character in Nightfall.


After arriving on Alternia 2.0, Aranea stayed at the Alternian palace to supervise Meenah. She's playing her eighth game of chess with Meenah when Meenah storms off in a fit. Aranea is later wandering the halls, reading a book, when she sees a cat. She picks the cat up, when she scratches her in the face. Aranea then puts a "wound sticker" on her face to help cover up the scratches, when Meenah barges in, wanting to apologize for storming off earlier.

She states in this conversation that she talked to Vriska on Meenah's shellphone at some point, but this hasn't been seen.

Personality and TraitsEdit


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